Welcome! We're pleased to present our new generation of incredible Horace Hopper's products for music education. Our Grand Opening for orders will be Sep 21, 2018, after a national interview on CUTV News, across the United States with Greg Llewellyn
Wallstreet Journal story on Lonnie Liggitt and Horace Hopper September 18th!

Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

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I highly recommend the "Horace Hopper" music program. It's positive and exciting while encouraging the child to explore the world through musical adventures. It can be used to promote listening, following instruction, and can create a desire for music. It has been a good experience for my daughter, age 5.

Karen W.

"… a wonderful learning experience Sarah (age 4) and I have had together with Horace Hopper. All parents should take advantage of this excellent music education course."

Melissa B.

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