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Musical Education & Music Therapy

Horace Hopper is proud to share our musical education and music therapy program to enhance your child’s education. Each of our three important programs uses music to expand the way children learn. They’re especially helpful for children with developmental disorders, such as autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and more, as these children are especially responsive to music therapy incorporated into education programs. These programs are inexpensive, replicable, and can be used with or without the help of a professional teacher. More importantly, the entire family can be involved in the joy of musical growth. Child Learning Piano

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Baby Dance Baby Sleep

Order Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures and get 3 audio CDs full of adventure and education.

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Entertain and educate your child with any of our Horace Hopper programs.
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Discover an imaginative musical creation for infants and young children with our Baby Dance, Baby Sleep CD.

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About Us

With Horace Hopper’s Musical Adventures, we offer an inexpensive preschool musical education program. All you need is a CD player and keyboard or piano to get started. The program is designed for preschoolers through sixth grade and can be used either at home or in the classroom.

Founder Lonnie Liggitt started the company at 50 after building a studio and realizing that children had trouble learning. He found that they were more likely to remember what they were being taught when music, cartoons, and fantastic musical adventures were included in the lesson. We made more than 200 revisions to the product in order to release an effective, fun music therapy and education platform that children could love. Since 1999, we have helped countless children learn better.

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